Last month was very busy and unpredictable, which kept us from moving quickly on the renovations.

There was a wedding–congratulations to Kelly and Dan!

A baby shower—welcoming my nephew Alexander!

And a hurricane—hello Irene.

(luckily, that is not our car)

Luckily we’ve made it through August and have already begun to work on framing the porch out. We did also manage to start sanding and priming the front of the house as well as get the roof replaced (and that is a big check off the to-do list). The light is beginning to fade faster and soon it will be getting cold out, so it’s time to really focus and push hard!

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2 Responses to Slow Month

  1. Sharon Haughton says:

    Beautiful family – 3 generations.

  2. Beth Palamara says:

    Great to see photos of the events that are a part of your life. Wonderful that the roof was completed before Irene made her arrival. Can’t wait to see the porch frame.

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