It’s a beautiful Spring weekend here, so we took the opportunity to get busy and start freshening up in and around the house.

I am finally excepting that having dogs, cats, and a baby on the way means only indoor/outdoor rugs for our household. We have been so happy with our Dash and Albert rug in the kitchen that I decided to put in a BIG order to replace most of the rugs in the house.


Though this was not a cheap investment, at least I can rest easy knowing we won’t be throwing them out in 6 months (puppy training has been fun).

Even though we have 6 rooms in this house, we have a lot of work to shift things around to get ready for baby. Ryan’s Dad finally moved his office out and we were able to move ours in. Of course this meant tearing down wallpaper and painting before the move could happen. Thank you Jason for taking care of this while we were on vacation!


It’s bare-bones but is functioning. And I can’t believe I forgot to take BEFORE pictures of this space! I will try to dig some up for later, because if you had ever seen it you would know what a transformation this is.

Preparing for the baby shower, Ryan worked outside in the garden cleaning up the flower beds, getting out the chair cushions, and taking down the unsightly tent in the lower yard. Yes, we own the lot behind us and up until now I’ve chosen to pretend it doesn’t exist. Now that we have a working porch we can begin storing tools and equipment where they belong. Yay!


I also added a new page for my friends and family to follow the progress of my ever-increasing baby bump. Check it out!

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