I have been looking forward to this for awhile. We’ve been storing some of Ryan’s old bedroom furniture so that we could re-purpose it in our baby’s room. Since we saved money on buying furniture, I decided I wanted to have some fun with customizing it to fit our needs. I followed this blog post on centsationalgirl.com to get an idea of the materials and process for this little venture.



Here are the supplies we used: Stix waterborne bonding primer, Behr paint in Satin, Minwax polycrylic, Floetrol paint conditioner, wood filler, airless spray gun, medium grit sanding blocks, 320 grit sandpaper, foam rollers, and good quality purdy brush. All about $100.

After sanding all surfaces lightly with the block…


we brushed on two coats of primer and then lightly sanded again.


We sprayed everything except the drawers White with the spray gun. Since Ryan had not painted furniture before he did about four very light coats to be sure not to over-saturate any one area.


Since we are changing out the hardware we used wood filler to cover the existing holes. And sand again.


Now it’s time to take the fun up a notch here—I wanted each drawer to be a different shade of blue, from almost white to navy. Even though we used a foam roller on this to get a smooth coat, we used the Floetrol to make sure no streaks were left behind.


Everything seemed to be going smoothly and we moved on to the final coat of polycrylic to protect the surface.


I’m not sure if it was the Floetrol or the Behr paint, but the darker the color the tackier it was. The dark blue drawers ended up being a nightmare of painting, coating, sanding, and repeat. Finally after three rounds they looked perfect!

Keeping with the nautical theme I ordered 4″ cleats from a marine depot online (BTW, it cost about $6 a piece instead of $30 at the local marine store).


And the final unveiling! The dressers were complete and moved into the baby’s room!!




3 Responses to Fun Furniture Painting

  1. Janna says:

    The newly refinished baby furniture looks fantastic! Three thumbs up here (Janna, Randy & Alex). We particularly like the new coloring and the updated and themed hardware. Nice job!

  2. Beth says:

    Janna – I agree these look fab! Guess it made sense to buy good wood furniture way back when and to marry into a family that is hesitant to throw things out – all so it could come back to life like this. Trust it is getting closer to wrapping up projects and resting before sleep is a thing of the past.

  3. Andrea says:

    These look great! I’ve been so anxious to try this.

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