Well, we still have not ordered the wood floors (hint: I think we’re going with Brazilian Teak). If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed I’ve been dreaming of painting the floors. In an effort to save money, we thought we’d test this out on the kitchen. The floors were not original, but they are yellow pine and had not been sanded down in decades. Maybe floor paint will stand up to the dogs better than staining? Who knows. And if it doesn’t work, we just replace them.

It took longer than expected because the floor paint requires overnight drying, making this a slow process.

So we started by doing a light sanding.


Then we primed and did three coats of the base (white).


Then the fun part…taping out a square pattern. (Ryan was up very late doing this-love ya honey).


And the big reveal!


I love it! But I will caution anyone trying this. Make sure the base coat dries for like a week. We waited 48 hours but when we pulled up the tape it still took off some layers of white. :(

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