It’s time our home made a better first impression. I’m talking about the good ole’ front door. I’ve been holding off on painting it because it’s really a larger project which involves taking it off the frame, ripping out the rotten siding, and leveling everything out. With Ryder’s 1st birthday fast approaching, I realized it would only cost me a quart of paint and it could appear to be a brand new door (as long as you haven’t had your V8 when staring at it).

It’s a sea of fun color choices at the Benjamin Moore store. I’ve been dreaming of a turquoise door for awhile, but most people think I’m crazy. Am I?




One Response to First Impressions

  1. Beth says:

    the light color matches the cushions? I think the dark are too dark – if you use the light would you use that on the entire door or use an accent in the panels or frame of the panels – and if so they it will certainly be broken up so I say “go with it!”

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