Well what started out as (what I thought) a big weekend project for Ryan, turned into about 2 weeks with Dave hiring helpers through the weekdays. The handrails had to be left up bare for at least 6 months since we used pressure treated wood. So after a year and a half, we decided to make painting the handrails our top priority this Summer. With two upcoming parties it was time to hustle and get this done now!

So Ryan sprayed the first floor with primer by holding cardboard behind the rails to reduce over-spray.


But we quickly realized that was going to be impossible on the second floor. So we switched gears and pulled all of the handrails down to spray in the backyard. Dave came up with this processing line for painting and drying each piece. Pretty cool huh?


We also decided that the sprayer wasn’t getting into all the nooks and crannies of the rounded spindles, so we went to hand brushing. More time consuming but it wastes less paint and gets a much better coat.


Today we got the second floor back in order and usable again–Ryder says YAY! We’ll have to come back later and do the final coat on the first floor, sand and fill the gaps on the posts, and eventually wrap the 6×6 posts with my final design.

For now this will do.

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