Welcome to our house tour. Below you can see all the work we’ve been doing throughout the interior and exterior of the house. I will never call any of these “Afters” since we are perpetually improving and adding to each room. Enjoy!


The exterior of the house is our show-stopper. Neighbors and passerby’s are constantly stopping to comment on how amazing it is to see one of these old Victorians being brought back to life. Of course this is also our largest and most time consuming project. But oh how I look forward to relaxing on those porches soon!



In Progress



This was our first big project when we moved in with Ryan’s dad. I used this as the test. Were we capable of getting this done without killing each other and doing it in a timely manner? I think so.




In Progress



Dining Room

This room only needed a minor facelift. I took the border down and repainted a nice soothing sea-inspired color.



In Progress




One of the first rooms you see when you walk in the house, and I was eager to get this wallpaper down.




In Progress



Master Bedroom

For two years we lived up in Ryan’s old, cramped room at the top of the house. I don’t know how they survived back in the day with those big dresses and tiny little closets. Finally, it was time to move into the master and have space for all (or most) of our clothes.



In Progress





This used to be the guest room, otherwise known as the hunting room. I was so glad to get the fake bird off the wall, but I did have fond memories of my first visits up to NJ staying in that room. Oh well, time to make new memories.



In Progress




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