We had a great time hosting Ryder’s first birthday party at the house–the Lil’ Man Mustache Bash! Though we didn’t get the 2nd floor porch completed (wishful thinking) we did get a lot of cleanup done and it gave us a goal to push for.

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Mustache cake and cupcakes galore!


First cupcake–carrot pineapple yummy!





 Happy birthday, my sweet little man.






It’s time our home made a better first impression. I’m talking about the good ole’ front door. I’ve been holding off on painting it because it’s really a larger project which involves taking it off the frame, ripping out the rotten siding, and leveling everything out. With Ryder’s 1st birthday fast approaching, I realized it would only cost me a quart of paint and it could appear to be a brand new door (as long as you haven’t had your V8 when staring at it).

It’s a sea of fun color choices at the Benjamin Moore store. I’ve been dreaming of a turquoise door for awhile, but most people think I’m crazy. Am I?




Early in May the baby and I were sent away for the weekend while Ryan started working on the 2nd floor hardwood. The plan sounded perfect, while we went to Virginia to visit my sister and family…



….he would tear up the old floors in the hall and master bedroom, put down new sub-floors, and put down the new hardwood floors.

Plans never do work out. Needless to say he barely got our bedroom done—not for lack of effort. We all slept in the basement Sunday night but by Monday night we were moving back into our rooms.  Luckily the floors are finally level and beautiful!


2013-05-03 13.53.57.jpg


2013-05-06 18.50.57.jpg

At least Ryder is enjoying them.

2013-05-06 19.17.39.jpg

 Since then we’ve got the hall level and hopefully will get the new floors in this weekend.

2013-05-18 16.28.08.jpg


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Yippeee! The main floor has all new hardwood floors. I love that it goes so well with the existing molding and also looks more modern with the exotic wood variation. We just need to finish trimming the baseboards and we will be done with this floor!