Well, we still have not ordered the wood floors (hint: I think we’re going with Brazilian Teak). If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed I’ve been dreaming of painting the floors. In an effort to save money, we thought we’d test this out on the kitchen. The floors were not original, but they are yellow pine and had not been sanded down in decades. Maybe floor paint will stand up to the dogs better than staining? Who knows. And if it doesn’t work, we just replace them.

It took longer than expected because the floor paint requires overnight drying, making this a slow process.

So we started by doing a light sanding.


Then we primed and did three coats of the base (white).


Then the fun part…taping out a square pattern. (Ryan was up very late doing this-love ya honey).


And the big reveal!


I love it! But I will caution anyone trying this. Make sure the base coat dries for like a week. We waited 48 hours but when we pulled up the tape it still took off some layers of white. :(

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Happy New Year everyone! As you can imagine, this little edition…


has really slowed down the progress of our renovation. Yet, Ryan has still managed to keep moving forward. Recently we decided that we’d used these next few cold months to start tearing up the old floors inside. (this couldn’t happen soon enough because Ryder will be crawling before we know it!)

We took up the original pine and sub-floors.

2012-12-01 14.15.02.jpg

The joists definitely were not level so we had to sister additional 2x8s to strengthen the floors.

2012-12-08 17.45.20.jpg

I even got in on the action.

2012-12-08 11.14.27.jpg

And now we have new plywood sub-floors.

2012-12-17 00.47.05.jpg

Time to decide on the new hardwood to be installed. You’d think I had been dreaming of this long enough that I would be prepared. But I can’t seem to decide the best way to modernize the house but also maintain its roots. Lighter or darker?

We’ve looked at White Oak.

2012-12-28 14.23.15.jpg

And Golden Teak.

2012-12-14 15.36.52.jpg

And Brazilian Teak.

2012-12-14 15.36.58.jpg

I’ve been to Lumber Liquidators a dozen times, but now I think I need to start considering darker tones like Mahogany and Maple Cherry. Any other suggestions?

(One thing has become clear to me…I think we’ll need to selectively paint some of this Pine Trim. Ryan is so thrilled about this new project.)


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It’s hard to get around and actually see the devastation up close. We are lucky enough to live on a hill and had no damage to our home other than the loss of power for who knows how long. These are just a few photos I have captured of Atlantic Highlands and nearby areas.

I have survived many Hurricanes being from Florida. Even though the storm did not have crazy winds or bring tremendous rain, I am still shocked by what Sandy left behind. So sad to see the shore destroyed.









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It’s been a slow Summer as far as house renovating goes. Ryder’s arrival meant it was time to slow down and focus on family. But we did manage to work on a few things. Like the third floor deck (post coming soon) and adding and removing doors around the house. This meant we had some fun cutting holes in the walls. (Note: Though it may be fun, next time we’ll prep the surrounding area to prevent dirt getting everywhere)

First, we replaced the patio door in the basement.

For more years than I have lived here there has been a dog door in the patio door which meant the interior door always had to be left open. This isn’t the best idea during hot summers and cold winters. So we finally got around to replacing the patio door and moving the dog door under the stairs. (This is where the extreme dirt comes in….brick can be a messy thing.)

Unfortunately, we’re a little rusty on documenting the renovation process, so I don’t have any in between photos. Just of the final product:




Next, we installed the 2nd floor porch door.

It was pretty cool finding old reclaimed wood where they had patched the door up a long time ago. We found someone’s signature in crayon from 1881!



I’m so excited about all the natural light coming in the hallway now!



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